Launching Sites

There are several launching sites between Springfield and New Salem.  The ones for this year's race is Gudgel Bridge, southeast of Petersburg for non-racers and Irwin Bridge for the competitors.

For those who would like to use the river during non-race days, there are other places to launch.  People can also take out at Lincoln's New Salem or in Petersburg.  

A boy in his inaugural float

From ripples to deep pools, the river always has something different around the bend


Rivers are constantly changing.  Water levels vary throughout the year.  Old mill sites create ripples and sandbars provide a great place to rest, stretch your legs or enjoy a picnic during a float.

The Lincoln Heritage Water Trail Association is a group of individuals who are working to creating a living tribute to the Sangamon River and open it up to exploring the water and landscape, largely unchanged from Lincoln's time.  This is a rare opportunity to canoe, kayak, fish or just float and take photos of native life on the Illinois prairie and the rolling hills of the river valley.  

     If you would like to become a member or attend any of our meetings, please contact Jim Reed via email at:

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